Spotselfie Opens Web3-Powered AR Meta Store

The new addition allows students to open shop across university campus with augmented reality tools.

On Thursday, Spotselfie, a real-world social metaverse network, made an announcement about the opening of its Meta Shop function. University students can start Web3 enterprises on campus and use the platform’s advertising portal to make money.

On their college campuses, consumers can get digital space through the Spotselfie Meta Shop. Digital shops, ads with a physical location, and advertising for organizations, social media pages, and student small and medium companies (SMEs) are all included.

Comments on Spotselfie Meta Store

Spotselfie’s Ray Shingler, a co-founder, vice-president, and director of product development, emphasized on the importance of educating students about the “future of the Metaverse.”

In order for larger organizations to “gain a foothold in the Metaverse Digital Landscape,” he stated, such efforts have to start with marketing digital twins as a SME.

Explaining further, Shingler said,

“Our aim is to help decentralise the larger players in the Web3 industry and allow organizations of all sizes to participate in its development. The Meta Store will accelerate new entrepreneurial opportunities for students while furthering adoption and ushering in this new generation of Web3.”

Students may register their accounts and acquire their first meta shop for free. After that, they may set up their AR meta shop on a 100-foot-wide geocached area.

Spotselfie’s platform allows users to pop their advertisements for their services and items. Store owners will also keep 100 percent of all revenues from the services at the location.

Shingler continued, “Bridging the gap between the old business model and the new digital world,” the feature would provide students the tools to expand their businesses and services.

“Students will be able to advertise special resources and goods like tutoring, tasking, merchandise. And their organization’s offers all within their own metaverse store on campus,” he said in his conclusion.

A Decentralized Advert Metaverse

The information was revealed when Shingler talked with XR Today about Spotselfie’s advertisement metaverse and described the platform’s feature-rich functionality.

The veteran executive has collaborated on digital mobile solutions with several IT giant, including IBM, Intel, Cisco, HP, and others.

At the time, he described how the privacy-focused platform of Spotselfie sought to prevent the harvesting of personal data. Using its urMojo social platform, his company’s solution aimed to foster a more human-centric, decentralized, and financially successful AR social metaverse.

The first Spotselfie software recently launched at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana’s Purdue Social metaverse. The programme gave companies access to rented “Spotlands” so they could increase their reach using AR-supported technology.


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